Promotional rate

For new clients we offer the Business Maintenance Contract and Unlimited Support for small businesses with up to 10 workstations and a server for just $299/month for the first year. For a limited time we include in this price our DRaaS service.

For more detailed information please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Free 1 TB cloud storage for 1 Year

We partenered with Datto Drive to offer free 1 TB of cloud storage for 1 year with unlimited users.

The most affordable, powerful, secure, cloud-based file synchronization platform available. Built for business. Brings your business files together. Shared easily, from anywhere. Files you save can automatically sync to all your computers, and are accessible from your phone, tablet and the Datto Drive website. Protect your business data. Should data be lost or compromised, it can be restored with a couple clicks. Automatic file versioning with a 30 day retention provides a layer of protection from operational data loss. And behind the scenes, every file in the Datto Cloud is virtually immune to any loss of data integrity. Powered by the Datto Cloud. Hosted on resources that are built, owned and managed by Datto in the Datto Cloud. Know where your data resides. Datto Drive uses the account location to select which Datto Cloud is used. Datto Drive lets you utilize the cloud, while respecting the information laws of the hosting nation (or region). Extreme performance measured at orders of magnitude higher than traditional cloud share services, while CPU consumption during synchronization is also less. Which is good news for battery life when mobile.