Get your files in one place, accessible from anywhere on any device by authorized users only.

Always knowing where to find the latest shared business files saves time, while file sync assures you always have the latest edits on fast local storage. With Datto Drive, all file updates are versioned, can be commented on, and allow easy rollback at any time—you can even create and edit text files using our cloud-based text editor. With the click of a button, you can share files securely with colleagues or external parties without having to send email attachments or require them to register for an account. For anonymous users, our File Drop feature enables you to create a write-only upload location.


Search and access your business data on any device (laptop, server, tablet, smartphone), regardless of where the data lives—in applications, object stores, file servers, in the cloud ... or in Datto Drive. Datto Drive storage lets you unify existing silos from other file share services, Windows network drives, SharePoint, and even Amazon S3 into a single namespace.

Datto provides total protection of business data, so using Datto Drive as your primary data storage will automatically protect your data stored in the secure 250+ PB Datto cloud. This means you can recover deleted or overwritten files whenever you need to, without contacting support. Because data can reside on any device, we have the Datto Drive mobile app you can use on your Apple and Android devices to upload, share and collaborate from anywhere. The Datto cloud provides layers of protection to ensure data integrity no matter where it originates.


Optimized for businesses, Datto Drive offers a window to centralized administration of users and storage silos using built-in LDAP and Active Directory (AD) integration and Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities. You can also create a Federated Cloud with users on other Datto Drive installations while each server maintains its respective security and governance protocols.