managed services

Doesn't matter if you have 1 computer or 100. We act as your IT department and we monitor the health of your computers.

Today, the managed services business model presents a huge opportunity, to address increased customer demand for outsourced IT services. As technologies continue to evolve with increasing rapidity, it is even more difficult for organizations and SMB's owners to keep the peace and it costs them a cosiderable amount of time and money organizing and updating the technology instead of using these resources to drive and improve their business.

At the most basic level, a managed service provider (MSP) monitors and maintains a customer’s IT system on a regular basis and charges a monthly fee for the service. The primary benefit MSPs provide to the customer is third-party monitoring and maintenance, which is designed to prevent unexpected interruptions in system availability. This increases system uptime, which ultimately increases employee productivity and therefore company profitability. The MSP is expected to forestall problems or discover them early, rather than relying on the customer to report an emergency. When the customer has a problem, the MSP is available to solve the problem, as part of the monthly fee. Following are some of the common characteristics of managed services:

  • In general, the customer owns or leases the system. Customers may run equipment on their premises or have it hosted off site, whether at the MSP’s data center or at another service provider’s or hosting provider’s facilities.
  • The MSP may go to the customer’s site to perform services, but more frequently monitoring and maintenance are performed remotely.
  • Services range from basic monitoring and maintenance to more extensive packages, which may include security, data storage and/ or disaster recovery, software and technology updates, document management, help desk response, firewall monitoring, intrusion detection and restoration of operations.
  • With the introduction of the cloud, hardware is quickly becoming an afterthought. The MSP becomes a strategic IT advisor, averting problems and making recommendations regarding future technology needs.

The days when technology could be compartmentalized as a distinct function or department within a business are over. Technology is a foundational layer of operations, regardless of the type of business. Every business function—whether billing, record-keeping, payroll or resource management—is dependent on technology. Those are just the support systems. Revenue- generating activities are also tied into technology. Most industries rely on increasingly complex dashboards, tracking a matrix of business elements, such as manufacturing, inventory, shipping and sales. Productivity depends on real-time capability to maintain precise reporting and coordination between those functions. Even a minimal disruption in service results in operating losses.


We want to be your friendly IT department. From the moment we first meet our potential clients we are starting to build a healthy business relationship and we are making everyting possible to make sure this relation will last a long time. With our satisfaction garanteed motto in mind, we are doing the best to be there for our clients especially in their critical moments when the technology simply refuses to work.

We offer 24/7 systems monitoring with customized alerts to fit everyone's environment and budget. We use the latest tools in managing and troubleshooting issues. We are up to date with all the information and trends in the IT field so we can bring you the best solution for your business.

Our contract include unlimited support so our clients don't have to be worried we spend too much time on a project or to fix an issue and they will be overcharged. This way businesses can budget their IT costs in advance and in case the disaster srucks they don't have to spend more to get the systems up and running.


Combined with our Business Continuity solution, we want to make sure the downtime for critical systems is minimal in the range of minutes.